Nicole. My LILA Doll.

This is my darling NICOLE.


She is a Lila doll which I accidentally found (about the doll) while browsing online. I liked her glass eyes, the pouty lips especially.

This was taken last Spring, during our walk in the park. My husband was holding her up against the tree so that I can take this shot.

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HandPainted Eyechips for Blythe Dolls

Since I paint miniature figures for my husband’s train model-collection, I figured, I could also use the paints to paint eyechips for my Blythe dolls. I tried and it worked!
Now I enjoy mixing colors and yeah, painting them whenever time permits. I am so happy too that I can share this hobby with other blythe collectors who like my work and use them on their dolls :)




I have painted over a lot but this last one is my favorite! I just have to paint for my dolls again though, because other collectors’ got them from my etsy.

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Shoot any animal, with a camera!


Camera is all we need if we want to ‘shoot’ an animal. Any animal.

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