Changes, it’s coming!



I have been neglecting this website….but changes will soon come. :)

Vintage mini sad iron


Ome Piet, heel veel dank! Uncle Piet, thank you so much!

This vintage mini sad iron that I’m holding came from my husband’s uncle, a vintage and antique collector. Uncle Piet is mighty proud that he could pass this to someone who he knows will treasure it. And I sure will.

Iron c1930. As heat source coal is placed inside. Why this small? People in the past used them to press difficult to reach areas of clothing, e.g. collars, raffles, pockets.




Alive and kicking!

Lol! Yes I am….just had a rather long vacation from blogging (health issues) but I shall try to post some photos whenever possible.

This droplet shot i took just 40minutes ago….colored the water red and used a plastic droplet so it’s neatly placed on that leaf….didn’t have to edit anything, just added a watermark.


Bubbly Rose


I bought a bunch a lovely roses last week at the market that are still standing as of this writing. Not just standing but still looking beautiful! This bunch has a classic red color that I seldom see that when I first saw them, I immediately ‘fell in love’ and i knew I had to buy them. Well, I’m still getting the pleasure of looking at them as I look at the center table in our living room. But I also wanted to capture their beauty, even after theY’re long withered and gone so I….

Took one rose and decide to do bubble series. While waiting for the bubbles to settle, with my Canon 5Dm2 aimed and waiting on the side, I grabbed my ever faithful iPhone4S and just happily press the shutter a few times, angling at the bottom portion of the rose.

I was actually quite happy with the results, although the iphonecamera did not capture the classic red color of it, it did gave this rose another beautiful color…….thanks to the light (not ambient, it was gray outside so I used my softboxes) I think I kinda like the ones I shot with my iPhone than the ones shot with my dslr, lol!


Mommies are the best!



During a walk with the pug, this is one scenario that I witnessed.

A mommy COOT retrieving food for her chick under the water. It was heartwarming to see how mother coot would feed her chick first then eating after the youngster’s belly was full.

Animals truly are fascinating, aren’t they?