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Blythe: Chocolate


She’s my second Blythe. Meet Tessa, my baby brunette Blythe. In this pictorial I had no choice but to use stock of my Monster High doll because the original clothing of this Blythe isn’t really that nice. I think it came out quite well. I simply brushed her hair after taking her out of the box and changed her cloth…she was already ready for a pictorial! (^0^) Oh and by the way, I placed some zwarovski crystals on her hair too.

Kinderdijk visit (again)


Shot with iPhone4s / edited on my iPad2

My aunt from the United States is here visiting so I am a busy bee these days. This Dutch weather (rains, rains, and more rain, ugh!) is the only hindrance that’s why on her 2nd week here already but there are still much places that we must show her. Her visit to Kinderdijk was one of those lucky ‘dry’ moments!

Although I’ve been to the place numerous times, I never get tired of photographing the surrounding.