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Beautiful MrsWorkingGirl tagged me about Entrecard’s User ID Number. I seriously forgot about this tag so I am ashamed of me, truly, completely…am madly mad at me! …so sorry Meeya for 4getting *LMAO!*

The rule is simple. Go to your Entrecard and click the Get Code tab. In the widget code there’s the user_id=710, as in my case. Or you can access your Entrecard widget in your sidebar and look for your user id. After that, add your user ID number below.

Example: if your Entrecard user id is 1234, then place your number and blog (and also the link) above my entry.
334 = joanjoyce
500 = My Consoling Asylum
2482 = Thesserie
7570 = Working It
3089 = CODPG
710 = read my mind
3283 = Blogger-Aid

Now let me see who I can pass this on…hmmm….right! To babyrambutan, enjoy your meal, dagboek, girlie, and ms. vanidosa.

Soldier of misfortune and WW Link Love

NOTE: Sasha if you read this, I accidentally deleted this combined entry, including the accomplished tag…darn! I’ll do it again, ok?


Have you seen those street whatchamacallthem, live statues? Those kinds that you have to pay a dollar, in our case, Euro so you can take their photos with you or a friend beside them. I don’t mind paying only if someone who would take my photo beside it, unfortunately I didn’t have that someone when I saw him (photo) . Armed with my zoom lens and was approx. 20+ meters away, I saw him with his back towards me and said to myself: “I don’t mind taking his rear profile” when suddenly he turned around like he felt my camera aimed at him, he caught me. I really felt guilty I tell you. Then he covered his face preventing me to photograph him more. I still continued clicking but on subjects beside him, he thought I was still aiming at him so he stood there with face covered for a good minute.

Street performers like him must really hate zoom lenses he he*


I was also tagged by Sasha, whom I consider as my younger sister, glad to have found her :)

Here’s the tag:

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Worldwide Link Love! Participants:

1. Julia (Philippines)
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5. Hailey (Philippines)
6. Sexymom (USA)
7. Liza (Philippines)
8. Sasha (Philippines)
9. Thesserie (Netherlands)

I wish to tag the following friends: Ate Marie, Girlie, Rhada, Stel, ZJ, Zam, Meeya, Weng , Lizeth and Rose

WS # 25: Munt Toren

Husband, our pug and I spent yesterday in Amsterdam. The city was busy with tourists, locals and the likes of us from neighboring city who jumped on the chance of visiting since we had a dry weather yesterday.

We were waiting to cross the street when I looked up and saw this tower before us. It’s called the ‘ Munt Toren’. The date 1620 caught my eyes, not the clock. I quickly took some shots before the light turns green.

” The clock belongs to the Munttoren at the base of Muntplein, close to the renowned flower market of Amsterdam.

The polygonal base of the Munttoren (mint tower) formed part of the Regulierspoort, a gate in Amsterdam’s medieval city wall. The gate was destroyed by fire in 1618, but the base survived. In the following year, Hendrick de Keyser added the clock tower, capped with a steeple and openwork orb. The carillion was designed by Francois Hemony in 1699, and rings every 15 minutes. The tower acquired its name in 1673, during the French occupation of Amsterdam, when the city mint was temporarily housed here.”

Infos are from Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel Guides (Amsterdam)


if you have the time, please do visit my other WS entry Here…thank you so much!


WS# 24: Spikes


It’s almost the end of the weekend on my part and I must honestly say that I did not had the chance to do much outside photography yesterday even though it stopped raining for few hours. I guess I

Featured Friends

It was a pure delight when Willa, a blogger friend and forum chum I know for few years now, has decided to include me on her Featured Friends post, thank you Willa! It took me a while before I was able to post this but as they say, it’s better late than never *wink*

Willa was also creative enough to include a graphic so please feel free to use it as well when you get tagged. This blog was chosen so now I will do the same for 5 other friends. When you feature your friends’ blogs, you will help increase (hopefully) their page rank and yours. You can read more on this here and here. So keep the ball rolling, make your own 5 featured friends. To return the favor, make sure you include the name of the person who recommended you.

So here’s how it goes:

1.Willa is one of my featured friends.

2. So when Willa will make her featured friends for the week, she has to include my name and she will pick 4 or 5 more from her own list of friends.

3. She will inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling.
If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’. And here are my Featured Friends: ZJ, Ate Marie, Meeya, Girlie and of course Willa.

Happy tagging, friends!


Hunted Egg


Happy Blessed Easter To everyone!