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Markthal Rotterdam

Saturdays has always been Rotterdam day for my husband and I. Saturdays we get to relax a few hours after a week of work and Rotterdam has been our ‘standard’ place to go since I love going to its weekend market where I buy my bouquet of flowers, and there are shops in the city that we do not have in our own (city, Dordrecht) so going there on weekends is a must.

After a long break in blogging, yes I’m back and I’d like to share my experience in what’s known as the first ‘covered’ food market in Holland, the Markthal Rotterdam.

IMG_1724.JPG* click for a larger image *

1st image on top was taken from the first floor. I’ve used here the wide setting of my camera thus if you click on each image you’ll see the full view. I find the inside structure quite well thought of, the wall paintings are impressive. since it’s a food market, walls are painted with vegetables, flowers, and even tiny creatures found in them, lol! Colors are simply vibrant and eye-catching that perhaps in every 20 visitors you’ll find 1 with a dslr camera and of course, majority (excluding my husband who hates taking photos) point their cameraphones just at about everywhere.

Can you see those square windows on the wall? Those are actually apartments. Cool isn’t it?

So am I impressed by this building? My answer is YES and NO.

Yes because of the apartments above, yes of the vibrant paintings, and the diverse ‘international’ food stalls.

IMG_1729.JPGAnd NO, because the architects and engineers that are responsible for this horse-shoe massive beauty have not really (thoroughly) thought of the possible temperature inside during summer and winter. Before you enter, you’ll be greeted by the gigantic see-through glass which according to some reports have been the complain of stall renters this past summer. This glass refracts the sun’s heat that temperature inside was so high it lead to their products spoiling. So can you imagine how cold it is in the winter?

I hope the design team do something about it.

IMG_1726.JPGWas I impressed by the stalls? Yes of course! I particularly enjoyed seeing exotic fruits and vegetables that are not normally found in normal markets. But were they really FRESH? My answer is NO. My family owned several market stores in the past so I pretty much know fresh from not.

And the prices? Expensive! Which is understandable because I can only imagine the rent! But if you’re going to do your vegetable and fruit shopping around here, I suggest that you browse around first before letting go of your money.

IMG_1727.JPGIt’s a delight to see this flower store, still I will not buy my weekend flowers here…..because outside & just meters away is an open market where I usually buy flowers (^0^)


and finally ah…churros!! I love love love churros!! So of course, I had to try this churros stall (after lunching on a plate of chinese noodles that costed Euro 9 which even disappointed my husband to no end.)

Was the churros nice?

If you like biting on air and be left with nothing but greasy oil on your lips and mouth. Expensive as well.