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MORGAN. Blythe OOAK by @TSFUNtasyDolls

Meet M O R G A N

MY FIRST completed doll for the month of January. For the year 2017 actually.

I’ve given Morgan this mane that is an explosion of beautiful curls. I’ve rerooted her scalp with 2oz of deep red-wine Mohair with a highlight of purple/grape. Her hair is simply so soft and nice to touch!


If you want the complete description of Morgan, please follow this link — MORGAN

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Here’s to show the back side of her hair….
Morgan's Hair

Marilyn Monroe Blythe Doll

Marilyn Monroe OOAK

Marilyn Monroe OOAK

Close up photo of Marilyn Monroe Blythe.

I usually customize 1-2 dolls/monthly because customizing is a hobby that I want to enjoy. If people want to adopt my dolls, that makes me happy, and that’s the time that I customize more than 2 per month. Otherwise I want to give each doll all the time it needs to be close to perfect ( or as my OCDness says she is……it’s not fun being with OCD, I tell you, it’s not a joking matter )
Anyhow, let me share with you my September baby girl. I must admit that I myself has fallen for this dolly, which I try not to do especially if a doll is for adoption, like in this case. But she’s quite a character in person, there is something about her that you would want to look at her longer….also my camera likes her!

Here is the Before & After photos…

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

More photos to follow…