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Khao Takiab

Up Khao Takiab

Although it was partially cloudy, it was still extremely hot for me back in October 1, 2011 when we visited Khao Takiab in Hua-Hin Thailand.

Khao Takiab also means chopstick hill. I took this photo up the hill where both Chinese and Thai religious objects are located. This obviously is part of the Chinese display. Unfortunately I am not an expert to talk about what’s on the hill, I only like taking photos of what I see.

More photos coming up on my next posts.


¬†Meaning literally “chopstick hill” Khao Takiab is dominated by a 272 m high headland that juts out into the sea. It is clearly visible at the southern end of Hua Hin beach. If you approach the hill this way, you are rewarded with the sight of a 20m tall Lord Buddha statue and there are other religious figures, both Thai and Chinese, at the summit, together with a statue of King Rama V. The hill is also known as “Monkey Mountain” due to large numbers of monkeys (macaques) that are resident there. Whilst not really fierce, care should be taken when they are around as they have a habit of grabbing and making off with anything that takes their fancy, especially handbags and cameras. It is probably better not to feed them as the larger males can sometimes become aggressive if the bananas have run out.

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khun kah, lolly ice please (029)

She was too far away from where I was. I wanted to call out and buy lollyice from her that day.

Walking miles of sand daily, just to earn a few bucks¬† perhaps so that she can provide her family food on the table. Whether in Philippines, Malaysia, or like this in Thailand, women (and men) like her is a common site on beaches , sometimes even when the sun doesn’t shine.

So the next time you see one…buy something from them, will you? :)