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Centara, Chaweng Beach Ko Samui.

Chaweng beach, Ko Samui Thailand.

Is where I want to be RIGHT NOW!

First photo: photographed from the water….the beautiful part of the hotel fronting which I find, the cleanest and beautiful part of Chaweng in the island of Ko Samui.

CENTARA_SAMUI2nd Photo: Was taken during an early morming walk. It was still quiet and that blue gorgeous sky made me just want to take photo after photo.


What I’d do to be back in this beach right now. Blue skies, clear clean beach, beautiful nature, fresh coconut juice…..


Thailand (again) was great!


I’m back from our much needed vacation…but I’m not really excited to be back home to be honest.

I miss Thailand! I miss sunshine, the beach, food, warm weather….bring me back to Thailand please!

If only that easy, and affordable, my husband and I would pack our suitcases again and fly directly to Asia, in a hearbeat!

This dutch autumn and cold temperature is bringing me down…..*sigh*


Spotted Garden Eel

Scientific name: Heteroconger Hassi

Back in October this year was the first time I ever laid eyes on this creatures. Impressive and beautiful little ones! I was so impressed that if ever they’re available here, I would love to have an aquarium full of them :)


Spotted Garden Eel - Their appearance is like a slim straw. They can grow up to 16 inches long although you may never see more than a quarter of their body as they remain partially hidden in the sand. They get their name from all the tiny odd-shaped spots covering the body including three large solid black spots. They have large yellow eyes. Several may be kept in the same aquarium. This eel is fairly passive and it is unlikely it would attack any inhabitants. They require several inches of sand in the aquarium for hiding and burring themselves.

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