This photo was taken back in July when my aunt and I visited Blijdorp, a zoo in Rotterdam. The weather that day was pretty strange, oh well Dutch weather is unpredictably strange IMO, that we thought we’re never going to get see all the animals outside their cages because although it was cloudy, it was also dry but cold when we got there… but after a few minutes it would rain, then dry, then rain again with the temperature fluctuating constantly. I remember I even got really sick after that zoo trip…

anyway, we did had quite some lucky photos that day…one of them was this pretty prairie dog that went out its way and posed for all the visitors around, to all our amazement. It just stood there on top of that rock and perhaps stayed there for more than 10 minutes! People would even get near it to have their photos taken with him. Hah, what an entertainer indeed!

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