Thesserie Is

THESSerie, is not my real name.

All photos that you see here are taken by ME and Copyrighted so if you want to use any of them, please ask permission from me first.

6 Responses to Thesserie Is

  1. Nortehanon says:

    Whoa, ang galing naman! What a fully-loaded arsenal! I've been asking Santa for those things, but I guess I need to be extra-mabait pa heehee :D

  2. thess says:

    Hi Nortehanon! It took me years of saving up for my gadgets :wink: I hope Santa hears you soon!

  3. atilla da huntress says:

    :happy: ehehehehhehehe, sige lalo ka pang mang-inggit, BURUKA!!!!

    :pom: :pom: :pom: :pom: :pom: :pom:

  4. David Green says:

    Hi, I’m @dlgreen1956 from IG.
    I’m just here to say HI ! And that I like your low-light approach noted in your blog. Of course also love your IG photo stream. Very nice

    Happy Shooting

  5. Thess says:

    Hi David!! What a pleasant surprise reading your message, thank you for visiting! Incidentally I found you just a while ago on Tadaa and followed you immediately.

    Such great honor hearning from a professional like you. Thank you again.

  6. Dave Green says:

    Wow Thess,
    When the storms in Virginia yesterday knocked out IG and others…….my first thought was oh my gosh. No IG, what am I going to do all day??? How silly of me. But what a wake-up call as how much I do enjoy posting and going there.
    Hope you are having a great weekend!!

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