TW steel and the little lady.


My husband has got a collection of ironcasted model trains. He’s been collecting since his teen-years. These trains are quality, not those you can buy from toy stores but special model trains/cars/airplanes dealer. When I first saw them I was like: ‘Boys will be boys’ :D  But really who am I to even say that when I , myself has a collection of dolls. Ha ha ha!


Anyhow, his trains come handy whenever I needed a subject for macro photography. Especially the tiny people on his village. I can use them all whenever I want to as long as I don’t lose any of them. Shhh, I already lost 1 tiny girl :/ Must have vacuumed it or it fell somewhere and I didn’t noticed.

But now I am pretty careful with the miniatures. After using them I safety place them back in their respective boxes.

One of them is what you se on the photo. Sitting on the edge of my watch.

Pretty cool, huh? :)

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